Seraf Launches Highly Anticipated Deal Flow Management Solution

Seraf is thrilled to announce its new suite of Deal Flow tools for early stage funds, family offices and angel investment groups. As every early investor knows, deal flow is a critical component of driving successful returns. Without professional tools, managing deal flow can quickly become overwhelming, resulting in dropped balls, entrepreneurs left hanging, and missed investment opportunities. A natural product extension to Seraf’s renowned portfolio management solution, our new deal flow product enables teams to collaborate and efficiently usher deals from sourcing to exit all in one place.

About Seraf Deal Flow

With simplicity in mind, Seraf designed a fully customizable pipeline management solution that enables users to formalize their deal flow process, create an online application form to share with prospective companies, and evaluate opportunities systematically.

Users have the option to create a custom, externally-facing application form for entrepreneurs to complete. Once a prospect is added, users can move deals from stage to stage through their pipeline as prospects pitch, enter due diligence and subsequently get funded. And once an investment has been made, users can simply convert the prospect into a portfolio company and track the holding going forward using Seraf’s established portfolio management platform. With built-in analysis and filters to narrow down criteria, the platform enables teams to assess their deal flow from many angles and make adjustments to ensure a steady flow of quality leads and a timely, organized evaluation process. 

A frequently requested feature, deal flow management was designed with customer input to build a robust tool that’s simple to use and easy to customize. Since deal flow is the first part of the investing process, adding this tool allows funds, family offices and angel groups to adopt Seraf early on to create a more seamless, streamlined, end-to-end process for reviewing deals, tracking investments, analyzing performance and optimizing returns.

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Key Benefits of Seraf’s Deal Flow Tool

Seraf’s deal flow tool was designed by recognized leaders and innovators in early stage portfolio management to improve productivity, analysis, and outcomes, while supporting the entrepreneurial community.

  • Experienced-Based Design
    Seraf’s deal flow tool was designed by experienced investors managing high volume inbound deals for over 22 years, while also juggling the demands of managing and coordinating a complex investor network. The Seraf team also listened closely to customers and prospects to understand their specific deal flow needs and how to best incorporate them.
  • Customizable
    Other investing tools on the market can be complex and constraining. Understanding that investors do not want to reinvent their processes to fit a software tool, Seraf designed its deal flow tool to be easily customized to fit any organization’s needs. It can be tweaked and revised as often as necessary to meet the demands of an evolving process.
  • Provides a Better and More Professional Experience for Entrepreneurs
    Seraf allows investors to create an online application form for entrepreneurs to request funding. This produces a clean and professional process for entrepreneurs who may otherwise question who to contact and how. Furthermore, it ensures a deliverable submission of materials and communication, resulting in greater transparency for entrepreneurs and a consolidated queue of opportunities for the investor to evaluate.
  • Drives Better Teamwork and Inclusivity
    Having a centralized deal flow queue allows an entire team to be involved in the evaluation process. With multi-admin access, Seraf’s deal flow tool enables a more diverse set of eyes to catch interesting deals an individual might overlook, which can drive more diversity and inclusivity in the companies they invest in, including, for example, under-represented founders. Furthermore, users can run analysis on optional diversity, equity and inclusion data to capture statistics about the number and types of deals coming through the pipeline to help recruit new investors and even partner with other deal flow sources and entrepreneurs with similar criteria. 
  • Consolidates Tools to Save Time and Effort
    Without a centralized process, deal flow materials can be spread across multiple tools and inboxes leading to a sloppy, aggravating and inefficient experience. Seraf’s deal flow tool organizes the entire process so investors can work efficiently with easy access to information. No more fumbling and searching for documents, head-scratching to remember the status of a particular company, misplaced notes, or deleted materials and lost institutional knowledge. Seraf provides one simple workflow to manage the pipeline from initial contact to investment and, subsequently, exit.
  • Geared Toward Organization, Analysis, Insights and Better Returns
    A steady stream of deals can quickly turn into a large and messy pile, but Seraf’s deal flow tool allows users to easily classify deals by custom stage and track important details. Users can move prospects through the pipeline while adding key data, including notes, deal team, key dates, and actions. With Seraf’s tools, users can easily analyze their deal flow to find the best sources, understand the types of deals they are seeing, set and measure goals, and gain insights that drive better returns. Ultimately, Seraf enables users to spend more time on the activities which drive returns, including sourcing great companies, evaluating opportunities, analyzing performance, and making better investment decisions.

If you're using spreadsheets, frustrated with your current deal flow solution, or launching a new fund, then Seraf's deal flow tool is ideal. We look forward to sharing it with you, so request a demo to learn more! With customization, stats and insights at your fingertips, plus one platform to handle all your deal flow and portfolio management needs, Seraf proudly lives its motto: All Your Info. One Place. Smart Investing.

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