Winning Collaboration: A Conversation with Ham Lord and Christopher Mirabile [Podcast]

Ham Lord and Christopher Mirabile

Seraf co-founders Ham Lord and Christopher Mirabile have shared their views on angel investing with Sal Daher’s Angel Invest Boston. Here’s Sal's description of the show: 

The collaboration of Ham Lord and Christopher Mirabile, two of Boston’s most consequential super angels, is widely admired. Its most visible fruit is the success of Launchpad Venture Group, which they manage together. In this revealing interview, they let us in on how this winning collaboration came to be and what keeps it productive as it approaches the end of its first decade.

Christopher Mirabile and Ham Lord have been interviewed individually on earlier episodes of the Angel Invest Boston Podcast. In the current episode, the two different personalities interact and give us a glimpse into what drives their working relationship.

Listen to the podcast here or read the full episode transcript.

Topics Covered in this Episode of Angel Invest Boston:

  • Christopher & Ham’s Remarkable Collaboration
  • How They Connected
  • Division of Labor
  • Lucky to Have Jodi Collier as Operations Manager
  • Complementary Skills & Creative Tension
  • What They Enjoy in Working Together
  • What Motivates Christopher and Ham
  • How Christopher & Ham Differ in their Investing
  • Gene Gregerson, an Engineer’s Engineer & Mobius Imaging – Astonishing Feat of Entrepreneurship
  • Blind Spots: How Having a Partner Helps Avoid Them
  • Integrity in the Founding Team is Essential – Due Diligence Screens Out Frauds
  • Geographic Focus Makes It Possible to Add Value
  • Dos & Don’ts for a Winning Collaboration
  • How Ham and Christopher Work Things Out When Problems Arise
  • Co-CEOs Raise a Red Flag but Can Work
  • Trends Christopher & Ham See
  • A Business Semyon Dukach Would Like!


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