Seraf Toolbox: Model Deal Terms Expectations Summary Memo

At Launchpad, we invest in dozens of companies every year. In the past, we frequently faced situations where we put a lot of work into diligence with a company and suddenly found out we were miles apart on deal term expectations and couldn't close the gap. This is a waste of time for all involved, and is the kind of frustration that leads to “deal fatigue” for investors trying to build a portfolio of investments. It can also lead to bad feelings and an increasing sense of mistrust between investors and entrepreneurs.

Having A Summary of Your Preferred Deal Terms Can Save You A Ton of Heartache

A good way to avoid this issue is try to be more explicit about what your deal term expectations are early on in your discussions with the entrepreneur. Once you have tried to do that off the cuff a couple times, you quickly see the value of having a written outline of your expectations.  At Launchpad, we have been using a written outline for a while and we found it has helped a great deal. As the leaders of a network of investors, we see ourselves as managing a finite “human capital budget,” and so anything that avoids wasted effort allows us to redirect those valuable cycles to other more important tasks.

You can download an example deal terms expectation memo that is based on the one we use.  Your priorities and preferred deal terms might be totally different, but this template should allow you to get started.




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