What Is the Best Way to Get a Meeting with an Angel?

Seraf Co-Founder Christopher Mirabile interviews several experienced angel investors from around the country to find out: What is the best way to get a meeting with you? Learn what these early stage leaders have to say about how entrepreneurs can connect with angels.

Video Transcript

C. Mirabile: What's the best way to get a meeting with you? [00:00:06]

R. Sheridan: Call me on my cell. Email me. [00:00:09]

M. Heymann: E-mail. [00:00:10]

N. Ravikant: Email me. Generally I try not to do meetings unless it's urgent or has to be done. [00:00:13]

D. Berkus: I'll always ask for something like an executive summary or a powerpoint first. And 95% of the time I'll answer by email before taking a meeting. [00:00:18]

J. Hammond: Usually if I meet somebody and have a great conversation at an event that works. And sometimes with some slowness in the follow-on by email and, of course, an introduction from a friend always works. [00:00:29]

J. Caruso: An introduction helps. Be persistent in a professional and adult way will help. [00:00:41]

F. Peters:  I'm often pretty accessible. Don't invite me to lunch, though, cause you can't pin me down that long. I do coffee in the morning, like 8:30 in the morning - I've got a favorite coffee shop - you've got to come to Newport Beach, though, and I'm only going to go like within bicycle riding distance to meet with you, but I'm often very accessible. [00:00:49]

D. McClure: Well, actually I guess 500 Startups is a large organization, about 23 of us now - 12 who run the investing team. It's probably much easier to get to one of our founders or one of our mentors or one of the people on the team than it is to get to me. [00:01:09]

B Peters: Getting a meeting is always a challenge. My problem - the biggest problem I have in life these days - is that there are so many interesting companies, so many interesting people, so many fascinating things to talk about in this rapidly changing world. Perseverance is probably the only, like most of us, is the only answer I can give. [00:01:24]