What's Your Core Investing Philosophy?

Seraf Co-Founder Christopher Mirabile interviews several experienced angel investors from around the country to ask: What's Your Core Investing Philosophy?

Learn what these influential angels have to say about why they invest in early stage companies, how they determine which sectors to invest in, and how they ultimately find great companies. 


Video Transcript

C. Mirabile: What's your core investing philosophy? [00:00:06]

B. Peters: My core investment philosophy is to exit early and exit often. [00:00:09]

D. McClure: Lots of little bets. [00:00:16]

F. Peters: I think, you know, diversification. Everybody says diversification is so important to an angel investor and it absolutely is. But I'm looking at new ways to look at how my early stage portfolio is diversified. And lately I'm walking here which deals have venture capital or are going to need venture capital and I'm trying to balance those against others. [00:00:18]

R. Sheridan: My core investing philosophy is invest in technologies that I understand, where I have some expertise to figure out the playing field and not just do something because it's sexy. [00:00:39]

D. Berkus: I want to be involved in deals that I think have real opportunity which is a double plus for me. Number one, I'm investing because I think that I know enough in that business to be able to add some value. And number two, I have relationships that will add that value that can multiply the effectiveness if I can be involved or on the board. [00:00:55]

J. Hammond: My history shows that I invest a lot when there's somebody in my investment group that I trust a lot to go on the board. And I do think the thing that investors do for entrepreneurs is serve on their boards and help them get structured. [00:01:15]

J. Huston: My core investing philosophy basically is try to find really smart, hard working, good people and work with them to make them wealthy. [00:01:31]

J. Caruso: Find bright, passionate, high-integrity entrepreneurs. [00:01:44]

M. Heymann: Picking a fantastic team that's going after a compelling market. [00:01:48]

N. Ravikant: Invest in companies that are building difficult technology that has a network effect to it if it succeeds with an entrepreneur who's driven and passionate about the area. [00:01:54]