Seraf is our go-to platform for managing both our Angel group, Rockies Venture Club, and our venture fund, Rockies Venture Fund. It has become a vital component of our portfolio management process. Before Seraf, we were using nearly a dozen different tools and platforms to manage our deal flow and investments; with Seraf, we're able to house a lot of those solutions in one place, making the process much more streamlined. I'd highly recommend Seraf for any fund managers or Angels looking for a comprehensive platform to manage their portfolio.

Dave Harris Managing Partner of Rockies Venture Fund Colorado

Implementing Seraf has helped us better monitor our pipeline as well as portfolio companies. We now have a reliable tool that can be shared and used by all the team members to track both the financial and impact performance of all the companies at any time. It also provides a good overview and statistics of the fund, and computes different ratios that are very useful for our quarterly reports as well as for our Board meeting presentations. We will soon test the new feature that automatically sends requests to portfolio companies to fill in their impact indicators. This will definitely make our impact reporting easier.

Leslie Zambelli Impact Investment Manager of Schneider Electric Energy Access Fund France

Seraf has been such an outstanding tool for us, and particularly useful for tracking our female-founded portfolio companies' KPIs and IRRs. This provides a more nuanced understanding of each of our individual investments, and helps drive our strategy on how best to support our founders for positive outcomes.

Liz Leahy Founding Partner of Purple Sage Ventures New York

Next Wave Impact is impressed with Seraf's ongoing commitment to continually expanding its offerings to include tools to measure impact, manage our portfolio of funds and investments, as well as report out to our investors.  We're appreciative of the time and energy the Seraf system saves us in tracking our investments and communicating with our investors and founders.

Alicia Robb, Ph.D. CEO of Next Wave Impact Colorado

We run a fast growing and increasingly complex Angel Syndicate in Edinburgh Scotland and had been looking for software that would allow us to better manage the portfolio and investor information. Seraf has been a godsend and is ideally suited to our needs.

Its strong UI, organisational tools and dashboard functionality are excellent and the feedback from members has been very positive. The support team has been a huge plus and they are very hands on through the implementation. I have happily recommended Seraf to other groups in the UK.

Fraser Lusty Investment Director of Equity Gap Edinburgh, Scotland

The answers to “how is my investment in X company performing?” and “how is my personal portfolio of investments performing?” become increasingly challenging to provide as companies take on multiple rounds of financing and get farther away from the angel layer. Tracking individual investments as well as a portfolio of investments becomes a time-consuming burden. At the NO/LA Angel Network, we’ve found that Seraf provides an outstanding solution to this. Its tool for centralizing deal info - from documents to terms of successive financing rounds and their influence on IRR to extraordinary charts and graphics - enable an investor to quickly and easily see the performance of their investments in real time.  

Mike Eckert Chairman of NO/LA Angel Network Louisiana

Upon adoption of Seraf for our venture fund here at Island Capital Partners, our confidence in our investment tracking improved considerably. We are now able to focus more intelligently on our key fund metrics. Surprisingly, Seraf also helped us to find and correct a number of errors in our portfolio company's cap tables.

Stephen Nicolle Partner at Island Capital Partners PEI, Canada

Seraf has been a great tool for IrishAngels members to monitor their individual investment portfolio. It provides an easy user interface for our members. Additionally, it allows IrishAngels staff to monitor our portfolio performance and trends.

Kaitlyn Doyle Director of IrishAngels Illinois

For angel groups, this platform rocks!  All your investments in one place with documents, valuations, financing rounds, portfolio analysis and investor reports.  Huge value added for your members and excellent client support as well!

John McEvoy Managing Partner of Tribeca Angels New York

We hired Seraf representatives to help us set up our Seraf account and upload five years of history and documents for 20 portfolio companies. We were very pleased with the helpful service we received and their prompt responses to our questions. We have received compliments from our members on the end results. Seraf has really helped us to provide transparency and professionalism in our reporting.

Deanna Cannon Executive Director of Northern Michigan Angels Michigan

Seraf is a great tool to track my angel investing activity. Prior to doing so, I was using Excel. While my records were good, it didn’t provide me nearly the depth of tracking that Seraf provides. I can now see when convertible notes are scheduled for repayment, when warrants expire, and see reports that give me insights into my portfolio.

Adam Winter CTO and Technology Investor Ohio

I'm knocked over by what a great tool Seraf is for managing SideCar.  The UI is superb, the analysis tools are invaluable, and it's a huge time saver in terms of giving members the information they need quickly and easily. This is an enormous step forward.

Jeff Stoler Managing Director of SideCar Angels Massachusetts

I had been searching for an analytics dashboard that provides a similar capability to those provided by large brokerages for public equities. Seraf has delivered that and more including archival docs and key event calendaring.  Big thank you also to the Seraf team for tremendous customer support to our new Band of Angels users!

Ron Burns Co-Chair, Band Software SIG California

Seraf provides an excellent platform for tracking private equity investments – and at a reasonable and affordable price.

Ralph Harding Family Office Maine

Seraf has been an absolute godsend for me. For years I felt overwhelmed by the organization required to stay on top of my angel portfolio, constantly digging around in separate files for accurate details related to my original and follow-on investments. With Seraf, all my investment data is in one place, available to me for easy analysis any time and any place. In addition, I have a great deal of peace of mind knowing that, if needed, my financial advisors, attorneys, and family can each have access.

Stuart Brown Consumer Products Expert Colorado

The Seraf platform has provided us with greater visibility into our portfolio – both in relation to dollars invested as well as the anticipated value of the portfolio and the companies within it. We have been able to leverage the platform to present quarterly updates on the performance of our portfolio which has provided enhanced value to our membership.

Jennifer Rousseau Former Executive Director of Cherrystone Angel Group Rhode Island

As someone who has almost two dozen private investments I find Seraf to be an invaluable organizational tool.  I use it to reference terms of transactions, store and maintain documents, and update valuations.  It saves hours of organization, along with file cabinets of documents.  Also I invest on behalf of several family trust accounts which Seraf is able to keep separated and track individually.   It solves one of my biggest concerns with so many private investments which is how can someone access all my investments efficiently in case I am incapacitated.

Barry Coffman Finance Massachusetts

Seraf has allowed us to focus our Private Equity Angel Investments Portfolio into a real time P&L and Balance Sheet. This has helped my advisors and wife to better understand our investments and use them in parallel with our Public Markets Investment Portfolio to forecast income and standard of living.

Richard Gill Life Sciences Expert New Mexico

Having been an angel investor for almost 5 years, I have struggled keeping all the data current on my 14 investments: rounds, shares purchased and converted, new valuations, contact information, due dates, legal documents. Seraf is the answer to all of my problems. It is easy to use, robust and disciplined in its process. Seraf Advanced is a wonderful value and I highly recommend it to any serious angel investor. You can rest easy knowing that all your angel investment information is at one portal safely hosted in the cloud.

Richard Noyes Engineering CFO Maine

Having all my documents stored on Seraf helps me track the progress of my investments. I can find the information I need quickly instead of searching through stacks of paperwork. With Seraf I finally understand the value of my angel portfolio and can make better investing decisions.

Cathy Mannick Emerging Markets Expert Massachusetts

Seraf provides my investment company with reliable record retention, tax accounting data, company reports, portfolio industry weightings and helpful and timely service. With investments in both Boston and Pittsburgh, where my son is a partner and angel investor, we are both able to provide and gain access to important portfolio information in a timely matter. Having one location to hold all our portfolio information is a lifesaver. No wonder this helpful and innovative angel investing tool is called Seraf.

Robert Windsor Banking Massachusetts & Pennsylvania

I was glad to have invested the time to get up on Seraf with my ten or so angel investments.  The disruption of not having access to my PC files was eased by the fact that they were on Seraf!

Eileen Rudden Ed Tech Massachusetts

I find the Seraf materials, including blog posts, training materials and e-books, to be incredibly valuable. They are not only quick and enjoyable reads, but they also effortlessly distill decades of invaluable practitioner experience into tangible frameworks, guide posts and lessons learned. Thank you!

Theresa Sedlack Angel Capital Association Education Committee Member

The team at Seraf does such a great job of distilling decades of hard-won learnings about early stage investing into digestible bites for both investors and founders alike. This one is a very quick checklist of important things to consider when evaluating any investment. Founders, take note of how smart investors are sizing up every opportunity. Thank you Christopher Mirabile and Hambleton Lord and the rest of the Seraf team for selflessly sharing so many life lessons.

Pat LaPointe Managing Director of Frontier Angels Montana

Having just finished all four books in a row I believe they are the most robust repository of angel wisdom........and yet also the easiest to digest.

John O. Huston Chairman Emeritus of Ohio TechAngels Ohio

Seraf’s Compass is the most informative early stage investing newsletter that I’ve seen.

Mike Eckert Chairman of NO/LA Angel Network Louisiana

The Seraf Compass provides some of the best content available on critical consideration in the VC world.

Frances Walton Executive Director of Plum Alley New York

Few people publish such consistently straightforward and useful angel advice as @cmirabile and the folks at @serafinvestor.

Russ Wilcox Partner at Pillar VC Massachusetts

I have read "A Practical Guide to Fund Formation and Management" and I can only thank you for the knowledge and the open-hearted comments and insights you share. I am about to structure a VC Fund. Finding this type of guidance and experiences is priceless. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will definitely consider your solutions once we move forward with our VC Fund project.

Juan Ramada Managing Partner of Pinef Consulting Florida

Thanks for the thoughtful and well written insights in your Seraf Compass blog. Great stuff. Keep it up.

Colby Grant Managing Director of NCP Capital Partners Canada

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