Groundbreaking New Tools for Angel Investors

Applications for Managing Angel InvestmentsThe cold, snowy winter may have slowed some New Englanders down, but not the Seraf team! We were hard at work developing even more tools to help angel investors get organized, save time, make informed decisions, and improve portfolio returns. As active angels with over fifteen years experience, we know firsthand how difficult it is to stay on top of an active portfolio - investor documents, follow-on rounds, warrants, note maturity dates, tax issues, and so on.

That’s why we’ve recently launched several powerful new features to help angel investors manage and streamline their portfolios. For our most recent cycle of product development we focused on company and investment data: adding it more easily, managing it, tracking it, and, perhaps most importantly, sharing it and having it shared with you.

Adding Angel Investments: It’s as Easy as 1,2,3

Maximizing return on investments requires active management. Seraf tracks all of your angel activities in one, easy-to-use web dashboard. And now Seraf offers a choice of three different tools to add your investments to your account:

  1. If you want a fast, simple way to add investments to Seraf and you don’t care about including a lot of details at the time of entry, you can use Quick Add

  2. If you have many investments you want to enter all at once, our Import feature allows you to download spreadsheet templates, fill them out, then bulk import multiple investments in just a few clicks

  3. And for those who want to keep detailed records, but don’t want to import investments, you can still rely on our full-control method, Direct Input

All three tools are accessed by visiting the Portfolio Management section, which we recently redesigned and streamlined. A % Complete Bar reminds you where you need to go back to provide more complete investment records, whether it be for tax purposes or for the benefit of your colleagues, family and advisors. Our goal is to make adding investments and tracking the critical aspects of your portfolio as easy as possible.

Now You Can Share with Colleagues!

From the very beginning it's been our belief that having the ability to share the details of your portfolio with family and advisors is important when investing, and essential for planning purposes in the case of illness or death.

But static sharing with non-investors is just one part of the story. Now, in addition to downloading reports, Seraf provides tools for angels to share and collaborate with other investors in totally native, and thus far more powerful and time-saving, ways.

How helpful would it be if a colleague could enter your Seraf company and round data for you?  Well, now they can (though they might expect you to reciprocate!) Seraf has powerful new data sharing and collaboration features.  Any Seraf user can easily share the details of a company and its rounds of investment with colleagues or co-investors. Just visit the company page of any company in your portfolio and look for the Share tab. Notifications arrive via email, or if they are already a Seraf client, they can simply log in to their account and accept the shared information in their dashboard.  You can share simple one-time copies, you can allow people to subscribe to dynamic copies, and you can collaborate fully on shared deals. And rest assured that Seraf only shares general information about the company and the round - your private data about your personal transaction details will NEVER be shared.   

Too Many Things To Remember? - Set Reminders

Monitoring important dates related to your investments increases the value of your portfolio and limits costly mistakes. Do you have warrants and, if so, do you know when they expire? Are you waiting on escrow payouts? Does one or more of your companies have a redemption rights window? Are you aware when your convertible notes mature? Managing all of these dates is critical to your success as an investor. Seraf keeps track of these important dates, and now you can set reminders, to be notified of them in advance. These reminders appear on your homepage dashboard, so you’ll never miss an important cut-off or fail to take a timely action.

Other Early Stage Investing News

We continue to publish our blog, The Seraf Compass, on a weekly basis and were recently included in’s list of 11 Angel Investor Blogs You Should Be Reading. Interested in getting Seraf delivered to your inbox? Click on the Subscribe button below. We’ve also added several new videos to our large Video Collection, highlighting Seraf’s features and providing quick tutorials on how to use them. As we add more features to Seraf, this is a great place to learn about how to save time and optimize your portfolio.

We know you’re going to appreciate all of these new tools and the peace of mind they bring. Want to learn more about Seraf?  Visit How It Works for information on additional features, or check out Pricing to learn more about our three subscription levels. Sign up now and feel good knowing that you are taking control of our portfolio, for yourself, and for your family.