Angel with a Plan: A Conversation with Christopher Mirabile [Podcast]

Seraf Co-founder Christopher Mirabile

Seraf co-founder Christopher Mirabile shared his views on angel investing with Sal Daher’s Angel Invest Boston. Here’s Sal's description of the show:

Christopher Mirabile is an angel with a plan. This super angel wants to make angel investing more professional and methodical. He comes to this aspiration by way of being a consultant, a corporate lawyer and a CFO of a successful tech company. He is co-managing director of Launchpad Venture Group and sits on numerous boards. He has co-founded Seraf, a platform for tracking angel investments and helping angels become better informed. He is an engaging and thought-provoking interlocutor.

Listen to the podcast here or read the full episode transcript.

Topics Covered in this Episode of Angel Invest Boston:

  • Christopher Mirabile Bio
  • From English Major to Junior Management Consultant and, Eventually, a Corporate Lawyer
  • Law Firm to Tech Company, First as Chief Counsel, Ultimately as CFO Taking the Company Public
  • Turbulent IPO Leads to Decision to Become an Investor Rather Than an Operator
  • What Christopher Mirabile Looks for in a Startup
  • Christopher Mirabile’s Favorite Pivots: Pixability, Powerhouse Dynamics and Vela Systems
  • Christopher Mirabile’s Informative Columns and Posts
  • Boston Has the Best Ecosystem for Angel Investing: “I've seen a lot of angel investing, and, as far as I'm concerned, there's no city in the world I would rather invest in than Boston”.
  • The Angel Treaty – Angel Syndication – Collaborative Culture of Angel Investing
  • Christopher Mirabile on the Value of a Board to an Early-Stage Company
  • “I'm to the point now where if I run into a team that I otherwise like and I get any sense of hesitancy about building a board, that's a huge red flag for me”.

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