Seraf Founders Receive National Award for Changing the Landscape of Angel Investing

Hans Severiens AwardCore to Seraf’s philosophy is that we believe in professionalizing early stage investing by educating investors and providing tools to support the entrepreneurial community worldwide, all while achieving superior financial outcomes. This philosophy is ingrained in Seraf Co-Founders, Ham Lord and Christopher Mirabile, and serves as the basis for why they started Seraf in 2013. Today, Seraf's portfolio management software solution is a culmination of the best practices they have learned on their early stage investing journey and serves as a powerful tool for investors worldwide.

In recognition of their incredible contribution to angel investing, Ham and Christopher were awarded the 2021 Hans Severiens award by the Angel Capital Association, the largest professional angel investor development organization in the world. They received strong and enthusiastic accolades for “totally moving the needle in the knowledge base and tools for angel investing”, according to Marianne Hudson, Executive Chair Emeritus at the ACA.

Ham and Christopher were recognized for their innumerable and well-regarded educational materials, shared on The Seraf Compass, for their development of industry-leading portfolio management and analysis tool Seraf, for their tireless teaching and advocacy, and for their outstanding leadership of Launchpad Venture Group, one of the largest and most well-recognized angel groups in the United States. The award also provided recognition for their unwavering dedication to the entrepreneurial community through mentoring, coaching and advisory work. All of these areas together, made this “dynamic duo” a perfect choice for acknowledgement. This important award ushers them into a select group of 16 other award recipients throughout the history of the Angel Capital Association and serves as a great tribute to the work they’ve done. They are humbled, honored, and grateful. 

Thank you to those who recognize, support and embrace their “pay-it forward” mentality. Please help us by congratulating them on this major milestone.

Want to learn more about the award and the recipients? Read the full write up from the ACA.