Woman Investor Profiles [Series]

This profile series is part of a larger series of interviews with interesting early stage investors, including impact investorsfamily offices, and small funds. You won't want to miss the whole interview series

Following the belief that early stage investors can learn from one another to have a greater impact on the startup community, Seraf has created a series of interviews profiling female investors. These pioneering women, while still very much a minority in their space, are making a big mark on the early stage world and bringing a much-needed broadening of the investor base. Not all of them focus exclusively on female founders, but many do, and by doing so they are helping to address the significant gender funding gap we still see in today’s market.

These investors share their perspective through written responses to an array of thought-provoking questions. Their valuable insights will pique your interest as they share their investing experience and words of wisdom. 

Learn what keeps them up at night, where their best deal flow comes from, and how gender influences their approach to investing. Find out which qualities they look for in a startup founder and what they see as the key drivers of success when investing and driving returns. If you're looking for guidance, tips and war stories to improve your investing process, then we hope you will enjoy these interviews and the valuable insights these amazing women investors share.

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