Fund Investor Profiles [Series]

This profile series is part of a larger series of interviews with interesting early stage investors, including women investors, impact investors, and family offices. You won't want to miss the whole interview series

Collectively, early stage investors have so many commonalities but also very different perspectives, which is why we created a series of interviews profiling interesting small funds. The fund series spotlights smaller funds which are supporting the startup community in a variety of ways. These microfunds often have slightly different LPs than a typical large fund. Their GPs tend to be unique as well, knowing that putting capital into companies at the earliest stages not only takes a lot of work and a lot of patience while a company develops over the years, but also a pretty high tolerance for risks and for ups and downs along the way.

These small fund investors share their perspective through written responses to an array of thought-provoking questions. Their valuable insights will pique your interest as they share their investing experience and words of wisdom. 

Learn what keeps them up at night, where their best deal flow comes from, and what their biggest challenge is running a fund. Find out about their fund size, LPs, and typical check size when investing. Learn which qualities they look for in a startup founder and what they see as the key drivers of success when investing and driving returns. If you're looking for guidance, tips and war stories to improve your investing process, then we hope you will enjoy these interviews and the valuable insights these unique small fund investors share.

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