The Entrepreneur's Journey [Series]


The Entrepreneur's Journey is a collection of stories about startup companies and the entrepreneurs who built them.

It's organized into five themes focused on the challenges of driving customer awareness, the importance of founding teams, the hurdles of investing in hardware products, the fateful role timing plays in the outcome of startups, and the difficulties startups face getting acquired.

Each theme contains multiple chapters as outlined below. We invite you to read each narrative here, or you can find the entire series available for purchase in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon.



Introduction: The Entrepreneur's Journey


Theme 1: Who Cares About Your Product?

1. Searching for Product-Market Fit

2. Are You Solving a Top Priority Problem?

3. Are You Talking To The Right Customer?

4. People Don't Like Change

5. Make It Easy for Customers to Buy


Theme 2: Should You Bet on the Jockey or the Horse?

6. Leaders Are Made Not Born

7. One Plus One Equals Three

8. Knowing When Experience Counts

9. Importance of Investing Human Capital 


Theme 3: Does Smart Money Invest in Bits or Atoms?

10. David vs. Goliath

11. An Uphill Battle

12. It Takes Thrift and Experience


Theme 4: What Difference Does Timing Make?

13. Better to Be Lucky Than Good

14. Right Product, Wrong Time

15. Surf the Next Wave 

16. Build for Tomorrow Not Yesterday

17. Late Comers Need To Stand Out


Theme 5: Will Your Company Be Bought or Sold?

18. First, Get Noticed

19. Get Out While You Can

20. Making the Exit a Top Priority

21. Potential Partners - Trust but Verify

22. Know and Get Known


To purchase this entire collection of stories in paperback or Kindle format, visit Amazon. To learn more about additional early stage investing topics, check out our other series of articles.