Director’s Guidebook [Series]


The Director’s Guidebook is a series of 15 articles focused on how to be an effective Board Director in early stage companies accompanied by additional resources and downloadable templates.

  1. Necessary Ingredients: Building a Great Board
  2. Under the Covers: Board Structure and Mechanics
  3. Noses in, Fingers out - How Boards Support Management Teams
  4. Spade Work: How Early Stage Board Directors Add Value
  5. Can You Hear Me Now? Building Great Director-CEO Communication
  6. Stitch in Time Saves 9: A Guide to Start-up Board Prep
  7. What's Your Point? Or How to Run a Great Board Meeting
  8. In the Foxhole: The Importance of Board Relationships
  9. Identifying Blind Spots: How to Make a CEO Successful in the Role
  10. First Round Draft Picks: Helping CEOs Build Great Teams
  11. Chemistry Experiment: Recruiting A New Director
  12. Hazard Pay: Fundamentals of Director Compensation
  13. Ignorance is Not a Defense: Legal Duties for Directors
  14. Guarding the Till: Basic Financial Controls
  15. CYA: Liability Insurance for Directors

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Additional Resources and Templates:

  1. Seraf Toolbox: Guidelines for Successful Board Meetings and Investor Reports with Early Stage Companies
  2. Seraf Toolbox: Sample Board Meeting Dashboards for Early Stage Companies
  3. Seraf Toolbox: Sample Board Meeting Minutes for Early Stage Companies
  4. Seraf Toolbox: Writing Good Board Minutes - Top 10 Do's and Tips
  5. Seraf Toolbox: Writing Good Board Minutes - Top Ten Don’ts and Traps
  6. Seraf Toolbox: Dealing with Restricted Stock - Model IRS 83(b) Election Form
  7. Seraf Toolbox: Evaluating Board Performance - A Guide for Early Stage Companies
  8. Seraf Toolbox: Recruiting Guide for Early Stage Company Boards
  9. Seraf Toolbox: How to Conduct an Effective CEO Performance Review
  10. Smart Money: A Glossary of Directors and Officers Insurance
  11. Seraf Toolbox: Exit Planning for CEOs and the Board of Directors

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