Angel 101: A Primer for Angel Investors [Series]

Angel 101: A Primer for Angel Investors is a series of 11 articles for individuals getting started in early stage investing. It provides best practices and focuses on key topics such as building a portfolio, due diligence, risks, asset allocation and returns.

  1. Angel 101: Read This First…A Primer for New Angel Investors
  2. Angel Investing: What’s the Magic Number?
  3. How Successful Angel Investors Allocate Assets
  4. Angel Investing Returns: Research and Reality
  5. Angel Investing Exits: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  6. Angel Investing Exits: The Wins
  7. Angel Investing Exits: Base Hits to Home Runs
  8. Look Before You Leap - The Importance of Due Diligence In Angel Investing
  9. When Money is Not Enough: Angel Roles & Human Capital
  10. Key Risks of Angel Investing
  11. Angel Investing War Stories: Roller Coaster Rides and Lessons Learned

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