Top 21 Early Stage Investing Articles of 2018

Best angel investing articles of 2018Seraf publishes industry-leading materials on all aspects of early stage investing. Our articles, courses, toolkits, interviews, and ebooks found within the The Seraf Compass serve to guide early stage investors in making better investing decisions, minimizing risk and improving returns. We also curate through our twitter feed notable pieces from the best and brightest in our industry to help investors further expand their early stage investing education.

We have established an annual tradition of bringing you the best early stage investing articles of the year, handpicked by our Co-Founders Hambleton Lord and Christopher Mirabile. As we look back on 2018, here are a few of our favorite, most interesting and informative pieces we read, in no particular order. We salute the authors and hope this collection provides insights to make 2019 a terrific year.

  1. Your VC Needs A Billion Dollar Exit. You Do Not. by Micah Rosenbloom

  2. The Difference Between Innovators and Entrepreneurs by Steve Blank

  3. The Valuation Obsession by Fred Wilson

  4. WTF is PMF? (part 1 of 2) by Christoph Janz

  5. Why Investing in Women-Led Startups is the Smart Move by David Nethero

  6. 11 Reasons We Didn’t Invest in Your Company by Phil Nadel

  7. About that Valuation vs. Bad VC Tradeoff… by Fred Destin

  8. How to Talk About Valuation When a VC Asks by Mark Suster

  9. What Every Startup Founder Should Know About Exits by Benjamin Joffe & Cyril Ebersweiler

  10. 6 Unexpected Burdens That Come with Outside Investors by Martin Zwilling

  11. Taking Money “Off the Table” by Fred Wilson

  12. The Hottest Trends Among Today's Top Startups (Infographic) by Rose Leadem

  13. Growth at All Costs is Perilous — This is How to Scale Sales Sustainably by Karen Rhorer

  14. The Power of Culture: How to Hire and Attract Amazing People by Aytekin Tank

  15. We Studied 100 Mentor-Mentee Matches — Here’s What Makes Mentorship Work by First Round

  16. The Simple Question that Can Make or Break a Startup by Kyle Young

  17. How to Break Bad News to Investors by Micah Rosenbloom

  18. 5 Common Reasons Why VCs Decide Not to Invest by Beck Bamberger

  19. When Venture Capital Becomes Vanity Capital by Eric Paley

  20. Splitting the Deal by Fred Wilson

  21. The New Series A Fundraising Playbook for Seed-Funded Startups by David Beisel

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