Top 21 Early Stage Investing Articles of 2017

Best angel investing articles of 2017Seraf publishes industry-leading materials on all aspects of early stage investing. Our articles, toolkits, interviews, and ebooks found within the Seraf Compass serve to guide early stage investors in making better investing decisions, minimizing risk and improving returns. We also curate notable pieces from the best and brightest in our industry to help investors further expand their early stage investing education.

We have established an annual tradition of bringing you the best early stage investing articles of the year, handpicked by our co-founders Hambleton Lord and Christopher Mirabile. As we look back on 2017, here are a few of our favorite, most interesting and informative pieces we read. We salute the authors and hope this collection provides insights to make 2018 the best year yet.

  1. Losing Money by Fred Wilson

  2. 7 Lessons from 100+ Failed Startups by Anastasia Mudrova

  3. 10 Year Project by First Round

  4. Male and Female Entrepreneurs Get Asked Different Questions by VCs — and It Affects How Much Funding They Get by Harvard Business Review

  5. Raising Venture Capital? Take a “Discount” on Your Valuation by Marc Lore

  6. Great Products vs. Great Businesses by Morgan Housel

  7. Why We Invested: VCs on What They Saw Early on in Big-Name Startups by CBInsights

  8. Why You Probably Won’t Invest in the Next Unicorn by Winter Mead

  9. Scale-up Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned Over 9 Years as HubSpot’s CEO by Brian Halligan

  10. Hiring, the Single Most Important Skill as a Founder by Moritz Plassnig

  11. Venture Capital Funnel Shows Odds of Becoming a Unicorn Are Less than 1% by CBInsights

  12. The Journey from $1m MRR to $2m MRR by Brad Feld

  13. Lose More, Win Big: The Power of High-Failure Strategies by Rob Go

  14. Jawbone's Demise a Case of 'Death by Overfunding' in Silicon Valley by Heather Somerville

  15. What Makes a Great Product Manager by Lawrence Ripsher

  16. 4 Key Financial Metrics That All Startups Should Measure by Josiah Humphrey

  17. What Do Boards Actually Do? By Mark Suster

  18. Tech’s Damaging Myth of the Loner Genius Nerd by Claire Cain Miller

  19. Seeing Through The Hangover “Fog” From 2014-2015 by Semil Shah

  20. How to Decide with Speed and Conviction by Tomasz Tunguz

  21. Policies That Can 'Make Entrepreneurship Great Again' by Marianne Hudson 

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