Top 10 Angel Investing Articles of 2014

Best angel investing blogs and resources
Image by sazbean

Here’s our holiday gift to you: a compilation of the best articles about angel investing written this year.  It’s been a busy year with new pieces posted daily addressing a variety of issues significant to angel investors: how to find the best investments, how to work with entrepreneurs, crowdfunding, the importance of diversity, exit strategies, due diligence best practices, board directors, and more. We’ve taken a look back at 2014 to bring you the best angel investing articles this year:  

  1. Five ways to build a $100 million business by Christoph Janz

  2. Competition Is for Losers by Peter Theil

  3. Burn, Baby Burn by Fred Wilson

  4. The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail by CB Insights  

  5. The Trap of Relative Value by Brad Feld

  6. The Fatal Pinch by Paul Graham

  7. Top 30 Traits Of Successful Angels -- How Many Do You Have? by Marianne Hudson

  8. The Valuation Trap by Fred Wilson

  9. Chris Dixon on Good Ideas that Looked Like Bad Ideas by Chris Dixon

  10. Kickstarter, But With Stock by Jim Saksa

So that’s our list, but what about yours?  We’d love to hear your top picks. Please leave us a comment below and share your favorite posts of the year.