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The Seraf Compass

Our award-winning resource center with hundreds of articles, downloadable templates, checklists, eBooks and video interviews on key early stage investing topics. Learn best practices and gain powerful insights to help you achieve superior investing results.


What Our Readers Have To Say

I find the Seraf materials, including blog posts, training materials and e-books, to be incredibly valuable. They are not only quick and enjoyable reads, but they also effortlessly distill decades of invaluable practitioner experience into tangible frameworks, guide posts and lessons learned. Thank you!

Theresa Sedlack Angel Capital Association Education Committee Member

The team at Seraf does such a great job of distilling decades of hard-won learnings about early stage investing into digestible bites for both investors and founders alike. This one is a very quick checklist of important things to consider when evaluating any investment. Founders, take note of how smart investors are sizing up every opportunity. Thank you Christopher Mirabile and Hambleton Lord and the rest of the Seraf team for selflessly sharing so many life lessons.

Pat LaPointe Managing Director of Frontier Angels Montana

Having just finished all four books in a row I believe they are the most robust repository of angel wisdom........and yet also the easiest to digest.

John O. Huston Chairman Emeritus of Ohio TechAngels Ohio

Seraf’s Compass is the most informative early stage investing newsletter that I’ve seen.

Mike Eckert Chairman of NO/LA Angel Network Louisiana

Few people publish such consistently straightforward and useful angel advice as @cmirabile and the folks at @serafinvestor.

Russ Wilcox Partner at Pillar VC Massachusetts

The Seraf Compass provides some of the best content available on critical consideration in the VC world.

Frances Walton Executive Director of Plum Alley New York

Thanks for the thoughtful and well written insights in your Seraf Compass blog. Great stuff. Keep it up.

Colby Grant Managing Director of NCP Capital Partners Canada

I have read "A Practical Guide to Fund Formation and Management" and I can only thank you for the knowledge and the open-hearted comments and insights you share. I am about to structure a VC Fund. Finding this type of guidance and experiences is priceless. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will definitely consider your solutions once we move forward with our VC Fund project.

Juan Ramada Managing Partner of Pinef Consulting Florida