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“Seraf puts us in control of our investment portfolio. Everything is organized in one place.”

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“Seraf raises our level of professionalism as an organization and helps us report out to investors efficiently.”

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“Seraf allows us to easily manage our portfolio at an aggregate level while simultaneously providing clients with access to their personal investment records.”

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“Seraf’s Analysis Tools provide us with powerful insights into our portfolio so we can make better investing decisions.”

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“Seraf helps us keep track of tax and accounting issues.”

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“Seraf enables us to track and report on our early stage portfolio as efficiently as public investments.”

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“Seraf streamlines KPI tracking and reporting for each startup company, and helps us measure the impact of our investments.”

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“Seraf saves us time and keeps us organized by storing all of our investment documents.”

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“Seraf monitors critical dates (like expiring warrants) and reminds us when we need to take action.”

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Discover why organizations around the world are already using Seraf's professional tools for portfolio management, analysis, reporting and insight.

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