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Actively manage your organization's portfolio and streamline reporting for improved returns.

Why Seraf?

Public investments are tracked and reported on. Why should private investments be any different? Successful investing requires active management, and Seraf gives you visibility into your portfolio so that you can track, analyze, answer questions and report on your early stage investments. 

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Seraf gives you every tool you need to actively manage your group portfolio from investment to exit. With Seraf you can track and analyze your investment data, understand performance, report out to investors, store documents, and stay up to date on company progress. 

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Maximizing returns on investments requires active management and visibility. How many investments has your organization made? How much have you invested in each company and what is the current value of the portfolio? What about your investors - do you know what their standings look like? Seraf tracks all of this data in a simple, easy-to-use web dashboard, organizing all of the investments in one place.

  • Total investments by company or round
  • Industry and type of product displayed
  • Basis and share details
  • Current value on latest financing
  • Running balance of all transactions
  • Organized by date
  • Supports all necessary transaction types
  • Shares and basis for each transaction


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Analysis makes for a smarter investor. Is your organization’s portfolio as diverse as it should be? What percent is allocated to follow-on rounds? Which companies have had the most growth? How has your annual investment pace changed over time? What is the unrealized IRR? Do you know which investor has the best ROI?  Seraf’s charts, tables and graphs provide better understanding of your organization’s portfolio today, and where future opportunities may lie.

  • View amount invested by company or industry
  • Understand portfolio value by company or industry
  • Look at investments for initial rounds vs. follow-ons
  • Evaluate key drivers of growth
  • Analyze portfolio value by company
  • Compare amount invested vs. returned
  • Analyze investment history year to year
  • Study your combined exit multiple
  • Compare cumulative IRR with potential IRR


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Having the ability to share portfolio details and report out to investors is essential for driving visibility and performance. How much time would you save if you could report out to investors with the click of a button? What if you could give investors direct access to their personal investment records? How much easier would it be if you could quickly download a list of your investments and share them with your advisors in tax, law, and accounting? Seraf provides the tools for you to report out and share investment records with any one, any time.

  • Download and share account statements with investors
  • Generate reports for state agencies and industry associations
  • Provide detailed reports for tax accountants and advisors
  • Collaborate on deals with other organizations


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Staying up-to-date on the companies you’ve invested in is core to successfully managing a portfolio. What progress have your portfolio companies made in the past few quarters? Have they sent out investor updates, financials or press releases? Seraf enables you to upload all of these documents and store them in one central place for easy reference.

  • Investor updates at your fingertips
  • Be prepared for a call or meeting with the CEO
  • Understand at a glance which companies are communicating well
  • Easily compare current reports to past projections
  • Track which companies are making progress on marketing and public relations

Document Storage

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Having the paperwork for each investment is critical to managing your portfolio. Are all of your deal documents organized, or are they stuffed away in a file cabinet? What about your diligence notes? Your share certificates? Investor updates? Seraf enables you to upload all of these documents, organize them by company, and store them in one cloud-based system for easy access. You can even forward documents to your Seraf account directly from your email inbox to improve workflow.

  • Upload investor reports and financials
  • Upload deal documents & relevant paperwork
  • Scan and upload copies of stock certificates or checks
  • Store your original due diligence materials or notes
  • Store copies of key correspondence with companies
  • Forward documents straight from your inbox


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Monitoring important dates related to your investments increases the value of your portfolio and avoids costly mistakes. Does your organization have warrants and, if so, do you know when they expire? Are you waiting on escrow payouts? Do any of your companies have a redemption rights window? Are you aware when your convertible notes mature? Seraf keeps track of these important dates and provides reminders so that you never miss an opportunity to increase your returns.

  • Important dates in one dashboard
  • Warrant expirations
  • Convertible debt maturity deadlines
  • Escrow release dates
  • Set reminders for advanced notice


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Understanding early stage investing news, trends, and tax and accounting implications is critical to maximizing returns. Do you know the two early stage investing rules worth breaking? What should you consider when joining an Advisory Board? Do any of your investments qualify as 1244 stock? What are the key indicators for an exit? The Seraf Compass provides answers to these questions with a constantly-updating collection of articles by experts in the early stage investing, estate planning, and tax and accounting industries.

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